Allstate Exteriors Retail Job Flow


Incoming Lead +

Incoming Lead

  • A lead comes in.
  • Appointment Setter completes a lead sheet and schedules a two leg appointment.
  • Appointment Setter creates the contact in the Allstate Exteriors CRM entering all customer information.
  • Appointment Setter creates a job from the contact and sets the status to ┬áScheduled Appointment.
  • Appointment Setter enters the appropriate lead source.
  • Appointment Setter enters a note on the job timestamping the call.
  • Appointment Setter creates a calendar appointment and leaves it assigned to the appointment setter.
  • Sales Manager views all calendar appointments and assigns them to Sales Reps based on batting order, availability, and location with 72 hours of the appointment.
  • Sales Manager changes the Sales Rep on the job.
  • Sales Manager assigns the Sales Rep to the job.
Scheduled Appointment +

Scheduled Appointment

  • A Job moves into the Scheduled Appointment status when an appointment is set and remains in this status until the day before the appointment.
  • The day before the appointment the Appointment Setter sends the customer an appointment confirmation text in Podium.
  • Appointment Setter changes the status to Appointment Confirmed.
  • The day of the appointment the Sales Rep arrives 10 minutes before the scheduled appointment time and changes the job status in JobNimbus to Onsite. This timestamps the Sales Reps arrival time at the prospects house.
Inspection +


  • Sales rep knocks on the customers door and begins the Allstate Exteriors 10 Step Sales Process with the warm-up.
  • Sales Rep asks the transition questions.
  • Sales Rep performs a walk around with the customer.
  • Sales Rep sells the reference list to the prospect.
  • Sales Rep inspects the prospects roof and prepares talking points for the digital analysis.
  • Sales Rep records the Digital Analysis.
  • Sales Rep goes to his vehicle and uploads the Digital Analysis video to his laptop.
  • Sales Rep works up three prices using the Allstate Quick Estimator.
Demo +


  • Sales rep knocks on the customers door and asks the prospect if they called the reference list.
  • Sales Rep shows the prospect the Digital Analysis video and transitions into the demo process.
  • Sales Rep strategically places themselves at the table for a demo.
  • Sales Rep spreads their Allstate towel on the prospects table.
  • Sales Rep loads the Allstate Demo Presentation and begins the demo.
  • Sales Rep presents the company story.
  • Sales Rep presents the installation presentation.
  • Sales Rep presents the product presentation.
  • Sales Rep shows the customer product.
  • Sales Rep asks the pre-close question.
  • Sales Rep gives the commitment statement.
  • Sales Rep presents the price layout to the customer.
  • Sales Rep asks the closing question.
  • Sales Rep welcomes the customer to Allstate Exteriors and begins the paperwork process.


Contract The Job +

Contract The Job

  • Sales Rep writes up the contract.
  • Sales Rep goes over the contract line by line with the customer.
  • Sales Rep gets a signature from both parties.
  • Sales Rep asks the Post Close Question.
  • Sales Rep asks for Yard Sign privilege.
  • Sales Rep asks for Neighbors names to canvass.
  • Sales Rep leaves the house and gets into his car.
  • Sales Rep enters the appointment date, appointment result, appointment result detail, and whether or not it was a two leg appointment into jobnimbus.
  • Sales Rep enters the sold date and sold amount into jobnimbus.
  • Sales Rep enters a brief note summarizing how the appointment went.
  • Sales Rep changes the job status to Sold.
Paperwork & Job Submittal +

Paperwork & Job Submittal

  • Sales Rep prepares the Work Order, Take Off, and Material List.
  • Sales Rep uploads all paperwork into JobNimbus within 24 hours of making the sale.
  • Sales Rep moves the job to paperwork submitted.
  • Sales rep @mentions Admin to notify them that the paperwork is submitted.